Why Creyo?

Creyo aims to create a world for everyone - the producers as well as the consumers

Direct from Farmers
75% of MRP returned to the farmers
No powder, artificial flavors, or colors added
Doorstep delivery within 18 hours

How it works?

Journey of Creyo milk from the producers' home to you.

The cattle are milked at the women farmers’ homes in Maval, a place close to where you live.

The milk is brought to the collection centre for testing against five parameters, including fat content and water so that you get milk as milk.

Creyo vans transport the milk in sealed stainless steel cans to the dairy, avoiding contamination and preserving the freshness and purity for you.

Creyo Dairy performs testing against 13 parameters, including for adulteration, to ensure ISO standards.

The milk is pasteurised, homogenised, standardised, and packed.

Creyo vans carry the milk in insulated containers to the stock points near you.

Creyo Women Customer Service Executives deliver the milk to your home in insulated bags.

A sample of the milk delivered to you is periodically sent to the lab for test.


Choose from a range of our dairy products

Cow Milk
Buffalo Milk
Butter Milk
Shrikhand Badam Pista
Shrikhand Elaichi Kesar
Shrikhand Elaichi
Amrakhand Mango

Our Journey

Have a look at our women farmers' journey of 5 years

Women Dairy Farmers of Maval
Mobilizing Dairy Framers
Fodder Service for Dairy Farmers
Feed Service for Dairy Farmers