The brand story

Creyo, formerly Chitrika is an ‘artisan-owned’ brand of the producer companies promoted by Chitrika Foundation, an NGO based in Hyderabad. The producer enterprises promoted by Chitrika will collectively use this brand name. With ‘collective gain’ as its core vision, we stand for what small artisan collectives can achieve ‘collectively’ while also enabling an equitable share across the value chain both for the craft community and its service providers as well as the consumer.

We stand for affordably priced, ‘zero-bleed’ range of vibrant colors and thoughtfully designed high-quality products that are rooted in traditional techniques, and yet offer you just that surprise twist you may be looking for! A “Creyo, formerly Chitrika” product is a labour of love and hard work put together by the weavers and their Company staff who are weavers themselves – from planning to its complete execution – with support from the Chitrika Foundation team. In that sense, it is truly a ‘hand-heart-mind-crafted’ product!

A design approach that is inclusive – which a large number of artisans can adapt to with existing skills or with minimal training while gradually increasing their earnings – has been at the core of our design philosophy. While gently pushing the ‘skill boundaries’ of the artisans, we work to present their traditional techniques and design repertoires through fresh interpretations in product lines that are representative of market aspirations.