Chitrika Foundation

Chitrika Foundation, began working with 10 weavers in the Khadi cluster villages near Ponduru, Andhra Pradesh in early 2006. With a small team of rural professionals mostly from weaver backgrounds, they trained weavers in all the aspects of running a successful business enterprise, from production, technology and finance management to marketing and institution building. In 2006, they established four mutually aided cooperative societies in Srikakulam, which were merged into a single Producer Company in 2014, the 50-member strong Vamshadhara Weavers’ Producer Company (VWPC) with a current membership of 110 weavers. The year 2013 brought Chitrika a new milestone. Collaborating with ALC-India, they promoted the first women weavers’ producer company in AP – the Godavari Women Weavers’ Services Producer Company (GWWSPC) in East Godavari District of AP with 50 members, and a current membership of 300 women weavers.

As the artisans of the two companies participated in exhibitions under the banner of Chitrika, their products organically started being recognized as “Chitrika Sarees” for their consistent quality and designs. Hence, Chitrika, the organization has decided to lend its name for branding the products of the collectives and shall rebrand itself to avoid confusion among different stakeholders. “Chitrika Artisans Producer Company Limited” is the legal entity that will be managed by artisan collectives promoted by Chitrika Foundation.

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