Godavari Producer Company

The Godavari Women Weavers’ Services Producer Company (GWWSPC) is the first ‘all-women’ weavers’ producer company in AP and was promoted in 2014 with support from ALC India and Chitrika Foundation. It is located in Mandapeta town of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh and has over 300 women weaver members from in and around Mandapeta. Since beginning its operations in May 2014, GWWSPC has doubled its growth every year, with an annual sales turnover of Rs. 1.80 Crores (2017-18). With the support of the Chitrika Foundation team, the all-women Board and the weaver staff of GWWSPC, have built the company to what it is today. The entire production system has been re-organized to suit the requirement of women weavers and the realities of the sector in the region. Quarterly production planning, design-based pre-loom services, door-delivery of raw material and localized design support helped in expanding the product range and reach to more weavers.

GWWSPC focuses on fine count ‘singles’ cotton yarn weaving with street sizing – a category that is becoming a rarity in the handloom scenario of the country. Fine count cottons in Kuppadam, Jamdani, Buta, Dobby, Jacquard and Checks/Stripes are woven by the Godavari women weavers. Saris, dupattas and fabrics are the main products.

To know more details about Godavari, visit www.chitrikafoundation.org