Fabric Care

This section provides a basic understanding and tips on how to care for your handlooms to keep the colors fresh and long lasting.

  • For greater colour retention, soak fabric with rock salt for 4 hours when you wash it for the first time.
  • Wash in mild detergent, preferably hand wash or gentle machine wash in cold water. Do not bleach.
  • Since we use both manual and machine dyeing technologies, there may be slight bleeding observed in some colours. Hence, it is preferable to wash like colours together.
  • Hand wring, and dry inside out in the shade and never under direct sunlight.
  • Use warm iron on the inner side of the fabric.
  • Handloom fabric tends to shrink at approximate 2 cm for every metre depending on the construction. Hence, it is better to pre-shrink the fabric before getting it stitched. Soak for 2-4 hours to squeeze out all the size starch.
  • Khadi fabric tends to feel a little rough and stiff due to the nature of the yarn and presence of size starch. After repeated washes, when the size starch is completely removed, the fabric will soften. Alternately, a mild fabric softener may also be used.
  • The transparency of the cloth will change after 1-2 washes, when the yarn fibers tend to occupy the empty spaces between yarns and tend to ‘cover up’, thus becoming less transparent.
  • It is important to only dry clean all linen and silk products, even if they are used in combination with cotton.
  • For natural dyed products, only hand wash in cold water without the use of any kind of chemical detergents. To be dried only in shade, inside out.